At Pearson’s Tree Service, we can determine whether a tree can be pruned as opposed to a complete removal of the tree. Generally, tree pruning is used to remove dead limbs that can cause property damage or injury when they fall, promote new growth and tree health and/or to control the shape and aesthetic quality of your trees. In addition, tree pruning is used to increase strength to your tree by eliminating weak branches, improve your view for curb appeal and right-of-way for roads or sidewalks, and/or reduce mold and mildew build up on roof and siding.

At Pearson’s Tree Service, we offer a variety of pruning methods and can determine what your tree needs are including:

Elevating the Canopy

In this pruning, we remove the lower limbs on the tree in order to increase curb appeal. In other cases, we use this technique to avoid spreading of diseases such as powdery mildew.

Crown or Canopy Cleaning

We remove only the unhealthy (dead or diseased) branches or limbs including epicormic growth, any crossing branches and branches with weak unions.

Limb Weight Reduction or Removals

In some cases limbs that are overhanging on property (houses, pools, sheds, cars, utility lines) can be removed for safety purposes Other options are reducing weight on limbs of a tree to prevent damage or failure of the limb

Shaping or Training Young Trees

We use this method to train young trees to respond well to pruning and to grow into a specific shape.

We also offer hedging for trees and shrubs. Techniques include:


This method includes the removal of more branches with a focus on visibility and aesthetics.


We lower a hedge that may be overgrown and use techniques to assure that we maintain the integrity and health of the hedge